Satoruna is a game development company dedicated to create experiences based on daily life, translate them into interactive media so people can: dive in, learn and make a better world.


Trash Splat!

¿How far can you get for your planet? ¿You know how to separate the trash? "Trash Splat" is the most fun way to get to be the heroes of the planet. Learning to classify solid waste properly. Be a hero, the planet needs you!. With "Trash Splat" recycling is fun! "Trash Splat" is more than just a game is a tool to teach you how to save the environment.


With this App you can learn how to write the right way. 'Cursiva' offers advanced animation quality and pixel perfect graphics like no other in the App Store. Just tap and swipe! Cursiva is not only about cursive, there is printed handwriting style too!